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Sale & Purchase of Properties


Palmerston North Office 

·         Due to increasing work and demand in the Manawatu/Horowhenua area we now have an office open in Palmerston North at 235 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North.

·         This office is managed by Kelly Morris, Registered Legal Executive.  Kelly specialises in conveyancing and commercial law, but will accept work in all areas of services offered by the firm.  Kelly can be contacted directly at the Palmerston North Office on 06 355 8036 or email kelly.morris@gtakarangi.co.nz.

·         Graham will regularly attend the offices and be available to clients in both Palmerston North and Wanganui.  Please contact the Wanganui Office in the first instance to arrange an appointment with Graham.  Phone 06 345 4386.

·         Please refer to our Contact Us and Location Map for the Palmerston North office details. 

 Legal Aid User Charge

As from 2nd September 2013 the Government has required a $50 GST inclusive payment to be collected by us for it in regard to some Family Court applications.
Some Applications are exempt eg; applications for Protection Orders.  See our Standard Terms of Engagement for more details.

 Sale and Purchase of Properties

Scheudle of estimated fees for conveyancing transactions in both Wanganui and Manawatu as at November 2015


OUR LEGAL FEES (plus GST) (estimates)

Freehold Sale (no Mortgage)

From $450.00 - $550.00

Plus expenses and disbursements

Freehold Sale (with Mortgage)

From $600.00- $750.00

Plus expenses and disbursements

Purchase (no Mortgage)

From $500.00 - $750.00

Plus expenses and disbursements

Purchase (with Mortgage)

From $700.00 - $950.00

Plus expenses and disbursements

Purchase (with Mortgage and using Kiwisaver and/or Housing New Zealand funds)

From $800.00 - $950.00

Plus expenses and disbursements

Refinancing(discharge of one Mortgage & registration of a new Mortgage)

From $400.00 - $650.00

Plus expenses and disbursements


1.     Additional fees apply for transactions involving Stratum Estate (Unit Titles), Cross Lease Estates, Leasehold Estates, Kiwisaver Home Start Grant Application, advice in relation to LIM reports or Building Inspection reports, or any other conditions.

2.     The fees quoted for purchase transactions do not include the price of a Land Information Memorandum (LIM report), Builders Report, Section 36 or additional title searches that may need to be done.

3.     Disbursements noted in this brochure may change without any notification. Therefore, please seek clarification if you have any queries.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

These Powers of Attorney are necessary as our “population ages” and health can deteriorate. They can only be signed when the signor is “competent” (ie. has the mental and physical capacity to understand the document being signed).

They cover both “Care and Welfare” in one document and “Property” in a separate document.

Please contact us to have these signed before you, or your parent(s), or grandparent(s) lose capacity.

We will do this for you quickly and efficiently.  Typically, the cost of these is $200 plus GST per document (ie. $400 plus GST if both Enduring Powers of Attorney are completed).


PPPR Applications

These applications become necessary where a loved one has become incapacitated or incompetent and cannot make proper decisions about their own care and welfare and/or their property, and they have no Enduring Powers of Attorney in place.  We will advise you on, and prepare and file the necessary Court applications and obtain the Court Orders.

Every case is different so discussion on costs becomes important.

Please contact us on these matters.



Everyone should have a Will.  These do not have to be complicated.  We will keep your Will(s) simple and easy to understand. 

We will complete your Wills if you do not have one, or update them if you do have a Will.

Consult us about getting your Will completed or updated.



We also administer estates from time of death.  We offer these services for those who may have their Wills at home or are looking to have a relative’s estate completed.  We will apply to Probate the Will.  Sometimes people die without leaving a Will.  We can help you to obtain Court approval for administration of those estates.

Please contact us for such matters.


Contesting Estates

We also specialise in this area of contesting wills or in adequate provisions made in Estates. We will take matters to Court for clients and act for clients in Court where there are contested claims.


Please contact us to discuss your concerns and how we may help.